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Devlog #9

Clothes have always been a big part of Duck Life, ever since we introduced hats all the way back in Duck Life 1. In today’s dev log, we’ll be going through how your own duck fashion can elevate your flock, not just in terms of style, but substance as well!

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This time around, clothes are more than just for show. You can put them on a duck to give it bonus levels to it’s skills! Each item of clothing you equip provides its own unique combination of skill benefits. You might want to use them to make up for a particular duck’s shortcomings and turn them into a more rounded racer, or to boost it’s highest-level skills all the way to the moon!

This means that as well as making your ducks look all spangly and catwalk-ready, they also function a little like the weapons and costumes from Duck Life Adventure, which had certain affinities and resistance bonuses tied to them. Don’t worry - your inventory will have more than enough space for you to chop and change your looks between the members of your flock!

These boots were made for racing

No more chilly flippers for these ducks - just straight style. Now that the ducks have proper webbed feet, we felt it was time to give them some shoes to wear. Duck Life 9 will be the first game in the series where you can adorn your duck’s feet with a slick new fit! With hats, costumes and now shoes, players can now finally rock a complete a full head-to-toe outfit ensemble. Speaking of ensembles, some of these items will be part of a matching set, whereas others will completely standalone designs so you can create a truly unique look! More about this below...

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Of course, you can acquire clothes from many different sources - shops, race winnings, or even from the jelly coin machine! Above you can see a pretty chilled-out duck modelling the fabulous rabbit outfit, as if he could get any cuter. Should you choose to pair items from a matching set together, you’ll often end up with a duck who is an absolute powerhouse in one or two particular skills. Bunnies are good at jumping, so you can expect to bound ahead in races! If you recruit a new duck to your Flock, they will often bring some clothing with them. Ducks love to share their wardrobe, so you'll be rolling in options before you know it!

Also, seeing as you’re controlling more than just one duck this time around, you won’t be locked to just one single copy of each costume, hat or shoe. If you want to give the entire flock a single uniform look, then you bet you can try!

Customise the cosmetics

Each costume, hat and pair of shoes comes with multiple different colour options. The items that you buy in the shop will usually just have a random colour, but if you’re not feeling it then you can always build a Dye Shop in your flock area to recolour any of your items to your liking - for a small fee, of course. Make your colour palette as complimentary or as hideous as you like, and then when you get bored, do it again!

Create anything your heart desires

We have many different costume options to choose from, but if that isn’t enough for you then why not make your own? That’s right, we’ve saved the best ‘til last!

Unlock the brand new T-Shirt Machine for your flock, and you can draw designs for your own custom T-Shirts! Sketch away and create a painterly masterpiece, or even directly upload a photo to use as the design. The possibilities are literally endless, and once the game comes out next year, we can’t wait to see the crazy outfits you come up with.

Come back for the next dev log in 2 weeks time, where we will be looking at the new 3D races and tournaments! In the meantime, join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page (wishlisting helps a lot with getting the game featured on Steam when it releases, so please do it if you can!)

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