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Devlog #7
The Flock

Before you read this devlog, make sure to watch the new trailer we just released on YouTube! All done? Okay, let’s explain what that was all about!

Duck Life 9: The Flock

As I’m sure you know by now, the subtitle for the game is ‘The Flock’. A flock is the name for a group of ducks, and that’s exactly what this game is about. Your journey starts with a lone, daring duck, but by the grand finale, you'll be the proud leader of a full-blown duck dynasty! So how do you gather this quirky crew? Recruit ducks to your flock by beating them in races, or impressing them by helping them out with quests. Every duck is naturally good at different skills, so it’s a good idea to use different ones for different races. Some ducks you recruit will bring items like hats and costumes along with them, which you can then share with other ducks in your flock.

Building the ultimate village

With a bustling flock, they need a place to call home. Create a thriving duck village using resources earned from races and training games. From cooking pots to training centres, every aspect can be tailored to your ducks' needs. And let's not forget about the essential duck necessities – somewhere to sleep and yes, even somewhere to poop! Adorn the village with decorations and shops, where ducks can find stylish hats, costumes and more. Just make sure to recruit a suitable shopkeeper first!

Sharing the knowledge

You’ll train your ducks one at a time during training games, but ducks are social creatures! In Duck Life 9, they love sharing knowledge. Higher levelled ducks can talk to lower levelled ducks to help them gain XP without even doing any training! Build a stage to give your ducks a platform to teach multiple other ducks at once. You’ll need to enter a group of ducks into the many Featherhaven tournaments so make sure you spread the training knowledge!

Feeding the Flock

All that training and racing makes a duck hungry! You can feed your ducks basic seed if you want to simply curb their hunger pangs, but if you want to increase their energy level you’ll have to do better than that. Luckily your ducks are expert farmers, and can grow all the food they need (if you provide them with the right equipment). Take a trip to the fishing beach to catch some tasty morsels for your ducks. Combine ingredients to discover new meals and send those energy levels soaring!

Upgrades, upgrades, upgrades!

Everyone loves upgrades, and here in the Flock almost everything can be upgraded! Want access to more training games? All you need do is upgrade your training centre! Everything, down to the speed at which you chop down trees can be improved, so get saving your resources and set yourself some milestones! With a little hard work, your ducks will soon be the buffed-up lumberjack powerhouses they know they can be!

No planning permission required

Get ready for a splash of excitement that goes beyond just decorations! Curate your flock zone like a conductor crafting a symphony. The way you lay out your buildings and utilities isn't just about looks – it impacts how efficiently jobs get done! Fancy a farm haven? Cultivate a crop paradise that would make any duck proud. Or perhaps you're the mentor of mallards, dedicated to turbocharging newbie ducks into full-feathered pros in record time. So, dip your toes in the pond of possibilities and let your imagination take flight

Come back for the next dev log in 2 weeks time, where we will be discussing the game's new art style in detail. In the meantime, join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page (wishlisting helps a lot with getting the game featured on Steam when it releases, so please do it if you can!)

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