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Devlog #5
Training Games

Hi everyone, I’m Alex and I’m one of the programmers at Wix Games. Today we’ll be doing a deep dive into one specific mini game coming to Duck Life 9, Running Beginner Training! In this training game, your duck is faced with a challenging obstacle course, and the aim of the game is to go as far as you can without falling in the water. With our recent upgrade to 3D, we’ve been given a lot more creative freedom to work with, and we currently have 11 unique obstacles and challenges in this mini game, each more different than the last! Each of these sections is generated by the game engine to be slightly random and varied, so that even when you move through multiple instances of the same section, it’ll still present a new challenge.

After all my hard work making all of them it’s quite difficult to pick a favourite, but I’ll go through a couple down below to showcase some of the challenges we have in store for your ducks…

Curious Cubes

Every second or two, these little cubes get interested in their surroundings and attempt to move around. They’ll move in random directions, so be careful not to fall! At higher levels, the puzzle increases in speed and size to become a truly daunting floating maze! A clear path to the other side may not always be possible straight away, so these sections will often require a bit of patience and foresight. Can you make it to the other side, or will you get completely stranded?

Perilous Planks

Perilous Planks procedurally creates a bridge going all the way from the entrance to the exit of the section, meaning each time you attempt this obstacle it will be a little different - memorising the course won’t help you breeze through this one! The goal of this obstacle is very simple… Don’t fall off!! While this may seem easy to some, the true difficulty comes in when you combine the longer stretches with an overconfident speeding duck! If you are truly gifted in the ways of the running skill, you’ll be able to complete it without stopping or slowing down, but that of course, will come with practice.

Cyclone Crossing

Cyclone Crossing requires you to do battle with the strength of the wind itself in order to stay above the water. With each difficulty increase the strength of the wind grows to almost tornado-like proportions, (you can see where it gets its name) not to mention the fact that the length of the central bridge becomes longer and longer. How far can you get before you’re swept away?

Trapdoor Tumble

In Trapdoor Tumble you have two different coloured doors presented to you. Choose wisely, because one of those colours will send you hurtling down into the depths of the water below. Sometimes the red doors will swing open, other times it’ll be the blues… However, there is a method to their madness in the form of a certain sequence, so the keen eyed among you may be able to predict which ones are about be yanked from under your feet.

The rest of the challenges will be kept a secret for now, but we’ll tease you with the names of the remaining sections here:

Revolving Relay
Bounce Blitz
Hectic Hammers
Swingball Sprint
Splashdown Spinner
Doughnut Dash
River Rush

This concludes out fortnightly roundup, so tune in in a couple of week’s time for more. Until then, get involved in the conversation over on our Discord channel to stay updated. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the game’s official Steam page

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