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Devlog #4

It’s become a tradition in new Duck Life releases to switch up the skills that the ducks can train, and this time is no different! All of your favourite classics are returning - Running, Swimming, Flying, Climbing, Jumping and Energy. They will be joined by the ducks newest skill: Balancing! (More on that below)

Racing returns to centre stage

You might be wondering how these skills relate to battling and the answer is… they don’t! In this game we have decided to go back to only having races. As the core concept of the Duck Life series, it seemed right to focus all of our development time on solely racing. It will allow us to create a much higher quality game overall

So what is balancing?

Balancing is an essential skill as a duck racer. In Duck Life 9, your duck will have to watch out when running over patches of slippery ground. The higher your duck’s balancing level, the less likely that it will slip over. Some races have sections only reachable by crossing over a tightrope. You need to train your duck’s balance if you don’t want it to fall to the path below!

Training games are back

Training games are a staple of Duck Life and they will of course be making a return in Duck Life 9! This time we have trainers from all over the animal kingdom, from Doug the Dog to Percy the Penguin - true masters of their skills. When you are below level 50 in a skill, you will do beginner training. Once you hit level 50 you can unlock pro training and train up to the maximum level of 100. Both types of training have 5 parts each, which you can unlock after every 10 levels. This makes a whopping total of 60 training mini games.

Let me guess… you want to know what the training games will be? Well come back for the next dev log in 2 weeks time, where we will be diving into a couple of training games in more detail. In the meantime, join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page

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