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Devlog #16
Jumping Beginner

Today we’re going to do a deep dive (or big leap) into Jumping Beginner training!

The Jumping Maestro

Who better to teach you than Featherhaven Island’s very own Fred the Frog! No other animal around can compete with Fred at jumping and he’s willing to teach you his skills (if you can find him that is!). He’ll train you in his swamp in one of 5 mini games. That’s right, this single training game has 5 games inside it. Don’t say we don’t treat you! Let’s take a closer look at them...

Skipping Rope

In skipping rope, you need to jump over the rope and don’t get hit! You get xp every time you jump over the rope, and Fred might even throw you some coins if you do a lot of successful jumps in a row. Sounds easy? The rope moves faster and faster as you play, and begins to try to trick you by slowing down or speeding up. Not only that, the camera will start changing angles, and let’s just say some of these angles are... less than ideal...

Spinning Bar

In spinning bar you have to jump over (drumroll please) the spinning bar! But Fred has a few more tricks up his sleeve (or he would if he had any sleeves!). The red platforms that you stand on have a tendency to start falling down after a while. They’ll keep falling until there’s only one left so make sure you don’t fall with them! They shake before falling, so keep an eye on the one you’re standing on. If it starts shaking, run onto another platform! Fred then calls in another spinning bar so you need to jump over both of them. If you manage to make it this far, platforms start appearing out of the water while the ones you’re standing on disappear. This game is not for the faint-hearted!

Wave Makers

Wave makers puts you in a shallow arena with 6 devices that slam into the water, creating water ripples that spread all the way across the arena. You have to try and survive as long as you can without any of the ripples tripping you up. At first you have to jump over only one ripple at a time, but as the game goes on you have to dodge 2, 3, or even 4 waves at a time! Watch the sewage pipe in the background, it may look gross but occasionally prize chests come out of there containing some useful items.


In the pipes game, you stand in the middle of the arena and have to dodge obstacles that come out of a pipe and bounce towards you. Some need to be jumped over while others need to bounce over you. Here’s a tip: the ones that you shouldn’t jump for are easy to spot because they all share a red colour! You’re not allowed to move so you have to rely on your jumping timing to survive. Like usual, Fred has a twist! After a while, the camera zoom out to reveal a second pipe that starts spitting out objects that hurtle towards our brave duck! It’s harder to concentrate on two pipes at once, but Fred isn’t finished there. The camera then zooms out even further to reveal a third pipe. Fred has one final trick after that, but we’ll let you find out that one for yourself!


Pesky moles have invaded the swamp, and Fred needs your help! Luckily, this works perfectly as your final part of your jumping training, and he’s willing to pay you for the help! Moles will start appearing in the arena and creating dirt trails. Make sure you don’t let one run into you or you will fall and the training game will be over. You can jump on a dirt mound to make the mole pop it’s head up. Jump on it again to stun it and make it run away for good! You’ll need to keep on top of the moles (literally) and make sure they don’t overwhelm you. Moles will start appearing faster and faster as the game goes on, so try to survive as long as you can!

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Mr. Wix

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