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Devlog #15

Welcome back to another ducktastic devlog. Storm here, your fav 3D artist(I hope)! Today we’ll be revisiting the races but this time round we have new places to explore and will dive deeper into how you can waddle your way to the finish line with tantalising trails that make being a skilled duck worth your weight in feathers.

Getting Started

Getting to the final product requires a lot of designing and sketching, more often than not I draw concepts of the different things that make up the environments which help direct how the final thing will look. My desk is littered with books, sketches and coffee mugs. It’s no walk in the park but I didn’t choose the the duck life, the duck life chose me.

All New Places For Races

When it comes to races, we have you covered with loads of crazy new places! We wanted every race to feel unique so each race track is really long and broken up into different sections, this helps me to make a lot more races in a shorter period of time. Then just to add an extra layer of sauce we made different themed tracks so you might find yourself swimming around pirate shipwrecks in one, only to be dodging tornados in another.

Practice Makes Perfect

One of the advantages of using 3D is the ability to make more complex races, now the ducks can take different paths, find short cuts and use their superior skills to overtake your rivals when they least expect it. Each race will tests different abilities so a little bit of strategy will be needed for you to know what to train in order to make sure your duck is the very best!

Let There Be Light

Recent developments have been on improving the overall colour pallet and making the world as pretty as a penguin in a tutu. One way of doing this was adding what’s called ‘Bloom’ to glowing objects. Now there are lanterns, windows and lava streams that twinkle with a fuzzy flow of light around them. Skyboxes and animations help make the world feel more alive whilst you’re looking out upon the horizon and in time you will see plenty more particles (Dust, leaves, wind etc), it’s the little details that really make it!

That’s it for this week's dev log. Come back in two week’s time for another sneak peek into the game. Join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page

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