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Devlog #14
Feeding Your Ducks

Hello again, folks! It’s Sam from the Wix Games team, coming back at you with a brand new dev log! This week we’re talking about how you go about preparing food for your flock, in order to keep them happy and boost their energy levels! The ducks of Featherhaven Island are well known for their esteemed and sophisticated tastes, which means you’ll be cooking all manner of different dishes to keep them nourished - there’s even a couple of beverages and dessert platters here and there. So, let’s get into the thick of it to make sure you’re up to speed for when you’ve got your own flock of friends.

Someone’s Tummy Rumbling?

This here is the cooking screen, where all the magic happens. Here you’ll be able to mix together ingredients you’ve harvested into a consumable meal, or instantly assemble a meal from the list of ones you’ve already unlocked. In the image above, we’re looking at the “recipes” tab, where there’s a list of each and every meal you’ve discovered. Just click on one from the list, and the section in the centre of the screen will tell you all about it, right down to the combination of ingredients it requires. Select that shiny pink “cook” button and we’re away! Providing you had the duckroot to hand, you’ve got yourself 1 fresh serving of chopped duckroot, ready to feed to a flock member on the right of the screen, or save for later in your inventory.

The second (blue) tab on the cooking screen is the “make” tab, which shows you a list of all the ingredients you have harvested from various sources around the island, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves - we’ll talk about those in another dev log! The make tab allows you to manually drag any combination of said ingredients into the cooking pot, in the hopes that it will end up being a lucky combo to discover a new meal for your recipes tab. Don’t worry though - if you don’t get it right your resources won’t be wasted, they’ll be turned into a generic “improper” meal item that you can still feed to a duck, just with far smaller benefits. Speaking of unlocking these new recipes…

The Proof is in the Pudding

You may have noticed that third, more mysterious tab on the cooking screen, and that’s the “recipe book” tab! It does exactly what it says on the tin - filled from cover to cover with 20 different meals that you’ll be discovering over the course of your journey across Featherhaven. Of course, at the start of the game most of the pages are obscured and need to be uncovered via various means, but once you’ve figured them out you’ll find them here. It’s a great way to keep track of just how far you’ve come on your culinary adventure, and whether or not there are better dinner choices to strive for! Some pages need to be discovered through experimentation, whereas others can be acquired through… Alternative means.

Let’s Get a Takeout

Ever had one of those days where you just feel too lazy to cook for yourself? We’ve all been there. Well for situations such as these, allow me to introduce you to Mona the Mouse, a spritely mouse who’s well versed in all aspects of Featherhaven’s rich cuisine! If you can find her, she’ll offer to open up a food shop in your flock, and once you’ve built one for her you’ll be able to pay her a visit and pick up a delicious pie or two. Now this does, of course, come with its own set of pros and cons. While you’re saving on time, effort and don’t need to use up any of your own ingredients, buying every single meal this way is probably going to hurt your wallet in the long run, so make sure you don’t become over reliant on her services! That said, looks like she’s got a couple of recipe pages in stock - they could be a worthy investment…

That’s all for this week, friends! I hope that doesn’t leave a sour taste in your mouth. Come back in two week’s time for another jam-packed look into the game. Join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page

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