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Devlog #12

# Hi everyone! It’s Freddie, back with another update about exciting Duck Life 9 content! This time around, we’ll be exploring a handful of the different quests we’ve added to the game. We’re making sure to pack as much fun and variety into the overworld as possible; in fact, just in this Devlog, we’ll go from piloting hot air balloons to navigating tricky hedge mazes!

Clowning Around

Although hot air balloons have featured in past Duck Life games, we’ve introduced a series-first here: you’ll be able to fly the balloon yourself and control your duck as they close in on the prize. You’ll need to carefully navigate airborne obstacles if you want to claim the key that Pimples is talking about here. I wonder what you need it for in the first place…

Of course, a quest is nothing without a reward at the end of it, and in Duck Life 9 some of these rewards will enable you to unlock new challenging races and, in turn, open the doors for further exploration of the island. Introducing: Tournament Tickets!

Tickets, Please

That’s right - many of Featherhaven Island’s quests will unlock these sparkly tickets! They’re called Tournament Tickets, and each one grants you entry into a different Tournament. As you can see, each area of the game has its own ticket, which means plenty of different quests for you to get stuck into!

We’ve made sure that each Tournament Ticket quest fits seamlessly into its area, whilst also retaining a lot of uniqueness in each one: this means that one minute you’ll be uniting two wayward lovers, and the next you’ll be mining for precious gems in the desert!

Quest Like The Best

That said, even once every Tournament Ticket has been collected, there will still be plenty of questing left to do around Featherhaven Island. For example, solving this labyrinthine hedge maze won’t net you a Tournament Ticket, but it’s still packed with coins and other treasures for you to discover. Around every corner, though, will be plenty of speedy ducks who won’t let you pass without a race - tread with caution!

Finder's Keepers!

Elsewhere on the island, poor Gerry here is looking for some treasure… but can’t he see that it’s right behind him? Maybe, the “treasure” that he’s looking for is of a different sort…? Perhaps, by helping him, you can take the contents of that treasure chest right from under his beak?

That’s everything for now, but come back soon for more dev logs! We post here every two weeks. Join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page

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