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Devlog #11
Duck AI

Hey there, Duck Adventurers! Alex here with devlog 11

Within the flock, you'll be the caretaker of the most lovable virtual duck friends imaginable. These magical feathered buddies rely on your help to keep their spirits high and their feathers shining. But here's the real magic: these duckies aren't just waiting around for you to tell them what to do. They're smart, and they make their own decisions too! Watch as they play, explore, and interact with their world in the most delightful and surprising ways

Duck Management

Each duck has needs which must be kept. Your duck can start feeling a bit down when it’s been left alone for too long, needs a quick toilet break, it hasn't had a snack in a while or it hasn't caught some Zs today yet. If these needs are not maintained, it will start affecting your duck negatively. This can make traveling around the flock a bit trickier and completing tasks a tad slower.

While they are smart and make their own choices, they sometimes need help to decide which task is the best thing to do. So leaving them alone for too long can be detrimental. Remember, a happy duck is a quacking good companion!

Duck Socialising

Ducks are very social and love talking to one another. Maybe they had a tough day at the training centre, they’ve just met for the first time, or maybe they are lower levelled so they needed some guidance. You can follow these conversations in the thoughts tab of the Duck Menu. However, these disappear after a while, so do check in; otherwise, you may miss some of the excitement around the flock.

Unfortunately ducks don’t have access to the training centre without you so they are unable to train while you go off and explore the wilderness that is Featherhaven Island.

Divine Oversight

Even when you're out and about, exploring Featherhaven or engaged in training, your ducks continue to toil behind the scenes. They chop wood, educate, mine rubies, and engage in social interactions, only pausing for some much-needed rest during the night cycle. However, at any point, you can return and provide direction according to your wishes. As the player, you have the ultimate say. If you see your ducks socialising, you can send them back to work. If a duck is especially fatigued, you can let them retire early, ensuring they're rejuvenated for the adventures ahead.

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