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Devlog #10

Get ready to party, duck fans - it's the 10th Devlog celebration! Storm here, with all the juicy details on the epic races coming to Featherhaven Island.

This is gonna be wild, folks. Your feathery racer will face raging rivers, sheer cliffs, and deep dark holes - the ultimate test of duckly skill! All that training has led to this moment. The trophy gleams, victory awaits - who will claim duck supremacy?!

Strap in and buckle up, it's gonna be a rollercoaster ride to racing glory! The island calls, adventure beckons! Happy 10th Devlog, duck fans. Now let's do this!

3, 2, 1…. GO!

We have the lineup ready and raring to go, sweat rolling down your brow as the suspense builds. The only thing between you and the track is the countdown. Like the street races of old; a referee stands front and centre counting down the seconds

It’s a more immersive way to start the race compared to previous instalments where this information was displayed over the game, little details like there are something we want to add to every aspect of the game in order to make the experience as exciting and interesting as possible

Cool Runnings

“And they’re off! Billy takes the lead followed by Heather, Derice just behind with Lucy at the rear, it’s anyone's game so early on. Wait! What’s this? The crowds are cheering Lucy on and she’s pulling out front!”

“Derice is now in last place and seems low on energy, how is he going to recover from this? But wait! Derice has just pulled out an apple and he’s regaining his strength, there’s a chance he can win this!”

This is what the races are all about. We want everything you do to matter. Having food is essential to keep your duck's energy up, and motivating them helps your duck race ahead. These races are about endurance and skill. Being prepared will ensure you come out on top!

I wanna be the very best

It’s not just about running, between you and the goal are obstacles that will challenge your duck's other abilities. This is why we train, people!

The races are set on wild terrain. Sometimes it'll be smooth sailing, then BAM - a cliff drops into the ocean. Talk about a quack attack! Don't freak out though - we got your duck's back. The races are beatable for all. If you don’t have flying unlocked then the race won’t require it; however the extent at which you trained your duck in flying (or any other ability) will determine their ability to do that task.

Walking on water

You might find a wide stretch of water between you and the final prize. Going around is not an option so we’ll have to go through it. These moments can make or break the final outcome, you might have spent ages training running to be the fastest you can but if the other ducks are better swimmers you’ll find that they could overtake you, taking your spot on the podium.

Try not to fall

Don’t underestimate the dangers that lie ahead. Falling from a tightrope won’t be the end but you might find yourself on a long and gruelling route to catch up with the others, you still stand a chance but it’ll be tricky to make up the time you’ve lost.

We can get into the abilities more at a later date, don’t forget your ducks need to also know how to climb and jump which will be essential for other ways to race!

To the victor goes the spoils

At the end of it all is the grandiose celebration, on par with the Olympic Games or the Grand Prix! When your duck crosses that finish line, cue the confetti cannons! Cameras flash as the crowd goes wild, cheering your feathered champion's success. Your hard work paid off big time! Even if your duck doesn't nab first place, keep on training! There's always another race ahead and victory could be yours. Just imagine your duck standing atop that podium, gold medal gleaming!

Win or lose, you're all champions in our book. But strap in for the ride of your life as we go for the gold! Heart-pounding action awaits at the ultimate duckathlon. Let's get quackin', racers! Fame and fortune call - it's time to make history!

Come back for the next dev log in 2 weeks time! In the meantime, join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page (wishlisting helps a lot with getting the game featured on Steam when it releases, so please do it if you can!)

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