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Devlog #1
The Ducks

After a short break to rest and recuperate, the ducks are back and raring to go! Duck Life 9 is now fully in development and we thought you’d like to know how its going. Come back every couple of weeks for a new post, full of insider information you can only get here!

A new look

Where better to start than the ducks themselves? As you can see they’ve had quite the glow up. You can change your duck’s hairstyle, eye shape, eye colour and body colour. The ducks are more expressive than ever, with all new animations and facial expressions.

Flappy feet fans rejoice

For the first time in a Duck Life game, the ducks have real feet! Gone are the days of the legs made out of two line segments - with these new feet the ducks can run, swim and climb better than ever before.

A whole new dimension

2D is so 2010. In Duck Life 9, the ducks finally enter the third dimension! This decision wasn’t made lightly, but it opens up a wealth of new training game options and allows a lot more exploration. I’ve always said if we were going to make another Duck Life, I wanted it to be an experience unlike any of the others. 3D is our first step towards that

That’s everything for now, but come back soon for more dev logs! We’ll be posting here every two weeks. Join our Discord channel to keep updated and to join the discussion. We’ll also be posting trailers and updates on our YouTube channel, and if you’d like to wishlist the game you can do so now on the official Steam page

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